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Ken Taber & Associates

"Utilizing the services of Ken Taber is an exceptional benefit to our displaced employees and Zondervan - Thanks again for all you do”.

Vicki Harris, HR- Zondervan Publishing


"Ken's very good and helped me immensely with my resume. I've attached my resume (project management version) so you can see how he suggests accomplishments be worded using buzz words they'll be looking for. One thing he suggested is that you look at several job descriptions for project management, pick up on the buzz words, then weave them into your resume, and into your experience stories."

Candidate from Zondervan


"Ken Taber has been most helpful in providing counsel and support for employees we have sent to him for job training and outplacement services. His clinical education and vocational experience, combined with his practical knowledge and community networks, is a tremendous asset in this important work. Recently, Ken also provided EQi testing and assessment meetings for one of our key technical employees, which was well received and produced good results."

Dan Wierenga
VP of Work Culture and People Development
RBC Ministries.


"I landed a job! I could not have done this without good interviewing. I prepared for my interviews and give all the credit for my success to the KTA Manual on interviewing".

Barbara Botbyl, ADAC Automotive


Vocational transitions are challenging no matter what the circumstances. When they are unplanned and jarring, they can be particularly stressful. Navigating the unfamiliar territory is much easier when you have a companion who can offer professional experience, compassionate care and wise counsel. Ken Taber provided that for me at a time I needed it and for that, I am grateful.

Scott W. Bolinder, former EVP, Zondervan Publishing


“We had used Ken’s services for many years on individual outplacement needs and for targeted coaching to address sensitive employee issues with great success.  When the UK parent company underwent two ownership changes in short succession, things at the local level got dicey.  Ken and his team helped us sort out key employee retention issues and also plan for two levels of downsizing which changed the scope of the local business in Grand Rapids.  While this was a very difficult time, both the company and affected employees felt the restructuring was handled with dignity and fairness in due part to Ken’s involvement”.

Testimonial from VP & Site Manager, APV Baker, Division of Siebe plc. London