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Ken Taber & Associates

The longest running practice in West Michigan, KTA provides CTA's: 

All services may be provided on-site, in KTA offices, remotely at a distance via counseling, or in any ACPlnternational offices worldwide.

Operational Values



Candidate identity establishes degree and source of self-control.  Our staff encourages an internal, rather than an external, source.  A lost sense of self happens when persons look outside for approval and direction.  Clear boundaries between staff and candidate responsibilities shape correct identity and provide accountability to process. 


Self Determination

Our staff takes the role of testing the reality of options candidates choose.  Each candidate chooses for him/herself what goals are to be achieved, how much energy to apply, and which direction to take.  We provide interviewers' perspectives to candidate initiatives, which preview those they may encounter during job transition or re-deployment.



Confidentiality is the most significant factor for establishing trust when giving and receiving assistance.  Release of information forms will be requested for content of candidate files to be opened.  General observations of candidate activity may be reported back to the sponsoring client company with verbal or written consent of candidates.



Our staff will synchronize activity and energy levels with candidate requirements throughout the process.  We will not ask a candidate to do any activities that we, ourselves, would find objectionable.  Our staff has also experienced significant losses at some time in our careers.  We reciprocate expressions of feelings associated with the loss from our own experiences.



Our staff accepts each candidate as he/she really is, without any effort to change him/her.  Candidate self worth will be enhanced by our caring, positive self regard for his/her unique qualities.  We invest in “emotional literacy”, what Dr. Stephen Covey identifies as an emotional bank account.  Self worth is the most valued resource for developing one's career.


Non-judgmental Attitude

A non-judgmental attitude by our staff with regard to what candidates do with their own resources is maintained throughout our consulting.  Clarification of values are discovered by descriptors created and validated by candidates, not by our staff.  As a result, our staff affirms candidates' self-chosen values.  We listen with neutrality to candidates' own spiritual beliefs.