Ken Taber and Associates, Inc.

Career Transition Assistance


Ken Taber & Associates

  • Executive and Manager Individual services

  • Production/ administrative Workers in Groups

 Here are benefits…

 1.     For you, the company…

 Reduced costs to provide job search training and coaching through lower consulting fees.

  • Lower expenses for Unemployment Insurance Benefits through faster transition to re-employment.

  • More goodwill to you as an employer who is sensitive to employee issues.

  • Enhanced reputation since you are investing in the future of your former employees

  2. For Individuals in transition... 

  • Faster, happier landing in new job through having immediate network and rooting job leads by KTA staff.
  • Better mental/emotional health through support system

  • Improved problem solving skills through the transition
  • More accountability for success through staff partnering system.

   3.     For the displaced employees in groups… 

  • Fewer victim feelings by not being singled out, not being torn away from all of the company family at once.
  • More self confidence from giving and getting feedback from people who are in the same position.

  • More resources through continuing and strengthening relationships with people who are already familiar.
  • More fresh ideas, insights from others' experience, more fun, more upbeat.